Sunday, 24 November 2013

Classic colours.

The design in typewriters is sometimes astonishing. Thinking about the classic Underwood Square like design and then turning your attention to the circular design of a minty Hermes 3000 is very fascinating. It is therefor, in my opinion, a pity that there isn't one digital object these days that have a bit of creative design in them. I mean...looking at the flat screen TV's these days, they are not very heart warming, are they? I mean, when they are turned off, it looks like you have a black hole on your wall. One laptop looks just like the other and then lets not start on mobile devices. The only creative side you get from a IPhone or IPad is when you buy a good looking sleeve for them, so they'll be protected when they bounce off the sidewalk. And then when I tell people my opinion, they tell me I am old school.
I am a artist. And I like good looking things. Today's cars and computers, are not good-looking. They are dull and they haven't been build to look good at all...which is really something I miss. Back in the 70's, cars couldn't be shinier and more impressive, with loads of chrome., every car I see on a car dealerships parking lot, is nothing else but small Prius looking cars that are too small for a person of my proportion. Right...I mean...what does the eye get?
Typewriters...or most typewriters, are good looking, colourful, and people bought them based on if they would fit in the d├ęcor of their home.
Do you buy your computer based on that?
I think it is more based on performance.

If that would be the case, back in the day. The Smith-Corona Skyriter or Zypher would've never made it unfortunately. Because they look good, but the Zypher is far from being practical and the machine I would choose for writing long draft, if even a longer letter.

But they do look good.

Typewriters have so many different colours and shapes, it is wonderful to go through the cases in my closets and select a typewriter for a letter, based on my mood. Am I mad, confused or tired...out comes the grey. But am I happy, energetic filled with enthusiasm for a positive attitude...the only thing you will see me picking away at will be a colourful Smith-Corona or Royal. Isn't it funny how I put this down on my blog...I become more and more drawn to start a letter for my grandmother at 10:45 PM exact? :-) 


  1. That's a nice selection of stylish typewriters in your photos, each one different.

  2. I couldn't agree more. It's a disposable society - they want you to become attached to the brand but not to the built-in obsolescent end product. Yes, great selection of typewriters!

    1. I know right? How often do you come across a egg-yolk yellow laptop, or purple blue?
      How often do you see a different modern camper in a different colour then grey, brown, and white?