Friday, 6 December 2013

Fuel for fire, ink for typewriters...

1/2 Spool ribbons seem to be doing well. Staples, my Office depo sells them frequently as i constantly notice they are provided with new stock. Isn't it interesting. Anyways, that is better for me...because the more people use them, the more they'll keep ordering (hopefully). Currently, they only have black but maybe black/red will come too at some point. Thank you, Staples, Brother and Porelon. I bought these two for 10 bucks a piece today. They last for months!!!
Two packs of 1/2" ribbons. A awesome brand as Porelon provides very well inked ribbons.


  1. What is that typewriter -- a late Underwood?

    I'm glad these ribbons are still easily available.

    1. Yes me too. The ribbon spools on this underwood are custom fit so i do have to rethreat.

  2. The Okidata printer ribbons at Staples is a standard sized typewriter ribbon, all black.