Wednesday, 9 April 2014

A royal Royal

Well, the first of the three typewriters that I bought last week-end is complete. The Royal 10, that I got along with a 1909 Underwood 5 and Remington Portable. And I have to say, this wonderful typer looks absolutly stunning. What a machine!

Unfortunately I don't have any images of what it looked like before i restored. Just a dark video on youtube. But I can assure you that the machine is like new compared to the condition that it was in when I bought it. There is a new ribbon installed, and everything is polished and cleaned

A advertisement I found on the Royal 10

This however, is supposed to resemble the older version of the #10. The window panels indicate this!
It is safe to say that this is a wonderful typewriter.


  1. Great restoration work. It looks gorgeous!

  2. I agree. Stunning!

  3. Nice work on this guy. All that glistens is indeed... gold. Or at least gold decal-ed.

  4. Excellent work. Very good looking typewriter.

  5. Wow! That's looking as new alright. Good work!
    How did you get the metal parts to shine again? Do see some minor rust spots in the close-up, but it's hardly noticeable!

    1. No rust spotting. There chrome seems like it was the day out of the factory.